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Join a Sami Family, experiencing life with the Reindeer Herd in the beautiful Arctic Wonderland of Sapmi


$3699 per person
9 days, 8 nights
16+ Age

This extraordinary experience you will stay with a Sami Family and Sami Shaman for 9 days in the Northern part of Norway, known as Sapmi to the local people.

We will be visiting this tribe in the Summerlands where their Reindeer Graze and Staying in a Lavvo amongst the Reindeer Herd

No matter what time of year you are staying, this incredible rich and deep culture is such a rewarding experience. Both trips we stay with a Sami Shaman learning about the ancient culture and ways of living life in communion with the animals and the land.  Living in close connection with the earth on the fine line of survival.

The relationship the Sami have with Reindeer is one of the most beautiful relationships between man and animal in the world.  This family has existed with this herd for 100’s maybe thousands of years.  This means their ancestors lived with these reindeers ancestors.  Love or Appreciation between eachother does not encapsulate this relationship, it has been a symbiosis and you cannot separate the Sami from the herd.  When we first travelled to the herd, I remember the reindeer coming towards us, and I was blown away as I’d never seen a deer or part of the Cervid family coming towards me.  We will also be helping the family with some other tasks, visiting the sacred offering stone, sharing stories and culture around the fire, and learning traditional sami dishes and cooking.

The Sami are indigenous to Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. They follow the Reindeer herds across the Arctic Plains. We will be helping with Sami daily life, making beautiful treks in the mountains of Northern Norway, learning Sami Culture and Life and Food.

With these trips we seek a deeper meaning and a deeper connection with the people that are connected to this planet. This isn’t just an observational experience but a participatory one. Helping with a project that both teaches us ways of the Sami, but helps in reality. We bring gifts that help share ourselves and our cultures. We help cook and all of this shows them that we are not there just to be entertained but to be part of life.

This is the true heartbeat of the North and experiencing beautiful Sami Culture.

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  • Departure/Return Location
    Lakselv, Norway
  • Arrival Time
  • Checkout Time
  • Date
    June 15th-24th
  • Dress Code
    Winter Gear, Boots, Gloves, Hat
  • Included
  • Not Included
    All Fees and Taxes
    Private Transportation

Tour Plan

Day 1
Fly into the town of Lakselv, Norway. 300 kilometers North of the Arctic Circle. As soon as everyone arrives we’ll depart to the Reindeer Herd and the Sami Family warmly waiting for our arrival. One of our Sami Guides, Jungle Svonni is Native Sami and will be part of our journey throughout the trip. Filling us in on Sami culture and Stories.

Sire Marja & Family

Day 2
This day we discover what the Family is doing with Herd.  Until this point, we won’t know exactly what we’re doing. Sami food preparation.  Meet the family and learn about their daily responsibilities.
Day 3
Sami Coffee and Stories in the Lavvu with Fire. We visit and feed the reindeer. Only 4 people at a time so as to not overwhelm or disturb the herd. We will also take a Nature Walk this day learning about nature and the land.
Day 4
We will visit a sacred offering site and take a native foraging walk through nature. This may be a day for another excursion to visit a beautiful place. We are working with the tribe for what can best introduce us to this culture and each other. We will also do various relationship exercises and connection games. I would love that people bring gifts from their culture and something to share whether it’s a story or song. This is a collective experience and we are all in this learning together.
Day 5
We’ll spend the day together in Lakselv then take a flight to Tromso in the evening. Travel to Senja and check into an Airbnb on the Sea.
Day 6
We hike to the beautiful Segla Mountain. This is the most iconic peak on all of Senja and is a stunning example of the Norwegian coast.
Day 7
Departure Flights leave from Trømso
What We’ll Eat
A large part of any immersion to a place is the food. Food will be resourcing from the History of the Sami Culture. By consuming animals, plants and water from this place, we literally become part of land. This will help us connect to the land and the people
Transportation Accommodation
Bus from Lakselv to Karasjok Snowmobile from Karasjok to the herd And The family will set up a Lavvu for us.
Day 1: June 15th Day 6: June 24th *includes travel days
Trip Total: $3,699 per person
Includes all accommodation and food for duration of the trip, and travel (excluding airfare). Sleeping Bag and Heavy Winter Clothes are provided. Does not include airfare, travelers insurance.

Tour Location

Lakselv Karasjok Finnmarksvidda

Tour Review

Experiences that have left me totally speechless… The sacredness and intention behind this trip felt so pure and real…It was hard to believe that it was the first ever organised trip of Sunnyside Expeditions!!! BEST One for me so far.. I usually travel solo and go with the flow with bare minimum planning but this time decided to try out this organised experience for once and was not disappointed at all! Spending time with Siré Marja (Sami Family) and her kids along with 4 people from different cultures including a Sami Shaman. Sharing songs and gifts with the family. Sami Traditional way of living around the force of nature for 5 whole days in a Lavvu tent, Cooking Sami food..helping the Reindeer herding family build a fence,Feeding the Reindeers…Celebrating the Full moon energy with the such beautiful and connected souls that I just met..It was just pure magic! Cherry on the top was spending 3 nights in Senja Island, Norway. We took a flight from Lakselv to Tromso.. Drove for about 2 hours and then boarded a Ferry and Drove a bit more and arrived at a place that felt like it was out of a postcard.. No kidding.. We stayed in a beautiful communal house on the water. It was that time of the year where the Sun never sets…Truly a hidden gem.. Dramatic Peaks dropping into the sea, Jumping into the bone-chilling waters, Fire Wood Saunas, Sharing meals together, Sea Kayaking…I can’t wait to experience Mongolia with Sunnyside Expeditions in September. Highly Highly Recommended to anyone who is looking for a not a basic travel experience but to experience a deeper connection with the people from the nation, land and culture! P.S Joik Nordic Music stole my heart. -Pallavi Kotha


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