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Costa Rica

Bri Bri Tribe, Thermal Hot-Springs, Tapanti National Park

Costa Rica

$3500 per person
10 days, 9 nights
16+ Age

Trip Time:  Winter 2023-2024

Tourism is Broken. How do we Change it? We recapture the magic of what it’s like to truly connect with both a place and it’s people. Seeking the silence of wilderness and nature without the crowds and not only visiting our indigenous friends but actively participating in their world to make it better. This happens when we bring gifts, particpate in food preparation and particpate in a project or activity to improve their way of life.

We will be visiting and connecting with a The Native Bri-Bri Tribe in Costa Rica and learning about their relationship to the land and spirit.  This trip is co-hosted by Phillipa “Pippa” Attwood, founder and director of Futuro Nativo a company focused on preserving and learning from Indigenous Cultures of the Jungle.  We will stay with the tribe for a few days immersing ourselves into this way of life.  It’s amazing how minor details and relationships with the earth can help us learn and move through issues we are facing.

For More information click on the Tour Plan link above or Download the Itinerary Here

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  • Departure/Return Location
    San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Arrival Time
  • Checkout Time
  • Dress Code
    Warm Weather, Boots, Swim Suit
  • Included
  • Not Included
    All Fees and Taxes
    Private Transportation

Tour Plan

Day 1
ARRIVE AT SAN JOSE AIRPORT GET PICKED UP AND TRANSFER TO HOTEL Airport Transfer Hotel Check In OPTIONAL: Costa Rica National Museum / Museum of Jade - very close to the hotel Dinner - sharing/connecting/opening circle meet & greet
Day 2
Depart to Tortuguero, boat trip into Tortuguero National Park, evening wildlife guided walk Breakfast @ Hotel @ 8am / go through schedule of the day Drive to Tortuguero - Depart 9 am Lunch at the river & boat ride to Tortuguero National Park @ 2pm Hotel Check in / FREE AFTERNOON Dinner @ 5pm & Guided Wildlife Night Walk; See the forest come alive at night, set off down jungle trails. Looking out for a huge range of insects, reptiles, birds, bats, and mammals, some of whom only come out at night.
Day 3
Morning canoe into the Tortuguero National Park, afternoon boat ride to Limon, evening arrive to Koswaq Bri Bri territory Morning canoe wildlife tour @ 6am; kingfishers, toucans, blue herons, peacocks and parrots, basilisk lizards, many species of frogs and river turtles Breakfast "To go" @ 9am Boat to Moin *Boat leaves at 10am, driver meets us in Moin & drives us to Koswaq river point Dinner @ Koswaq / ABLU fire in the evening Arrival Koswaq Cabina
Day 4
INDIGENOUS IMMERSION into the Bri Bri community in the Talamanca mountains. Cacao workshop, Nature walk & Bri Bri storytelling in the traditional Uzure Chkowe Breakfast @ Koswak Intro to the community / history of the Bri Bri Tsurutmi cocoa workshop, nature walk and narration of the history of cocoa Lunch @ Koswak Project work / education with the community Koswak Chkowe Dinner Narration of the Bri Bri clans and cosmology (Ditsowo) in traditional Uzure
Day 5
Medicinal plant workshop, traditional palm thatching, river & waterfall hikes Chkowe Breakfast Workshop on medicinal plants, weaving of the suita and traditional palm roofing, walks along the river and the waterfall Lunch Cooking / helping cook / learning Bri Bri keywords Koswak Chkowe Dinner Koswak Cabina / Fire in the evening
Day 6
Chicha preparation & Baile del Sorbon (Dance of the Sorbon) Chkowe Breakfast FREE MORNING Lunch at SIWA UJTEKOLPA Preparation of Al (Chicha)- Traditional fermented corn-based drink Singing Duletok(Drum) and Sorbon Dance (Sorbon Dance), Narration of the Awa Se SIWA (spirituality) member of the Siwa Ujtekolpa clan Koswak Cabina
Day 7
From Bri Bri to Guayabo National Monument & Orosi Lodge Chkowe Breakfast Transport from Bri Bri to Guayabo National Monument - Depart 8am Lunch at Guayabo National Monument; One of the largest and most important archeological finds in Costa Rica, Guayabo National Monument is likely to have been the residence of approximately 10,000 people about 3,000 years ago. The monument’s mission is to protect past, present, and future archeological exploration by safeguarding the structural remains of this ancient city. Accommodation Check In @ Orosi Dinner @ Orosi Lodge
Day 8
From Orosi Lodge to Tapanti National Park Breakfast @ Orosi Lodge FREE MORNING Tapanti National Park; lunch by the waterfalls, swimming & gentle hiking Dinner @ Orosi Lodge
Day 9
Hacienda Orosi Spa & Hot Springs (Aguas Thermales) Breakfast @ Orosi Lodge FREE MORNING Lunch @ Orosi Lodge From 2pm to 9pm Hacienda Orosi Spa & Hot Springs - inc. coffee tour @ 3pm & farm access; “Lush mountains surround you, while you sit immersed in soothing hot water. A light mist falls and creates a cloud effect in the sky. The cool air contrasts against the warmth of your skin. This is the experience you can get at Hacienda Orosi’s hot springs” Dinner @ Hacienda Orosi
Day 10
From Orosi to San Jose Breakfast @ Orosi Lodge / check out Closing circle, feedback & integration Orosi Lodge to San Jose > Hotel / SJO Airport Drop Off DEPART SAN JOSE
Your Guides Pippa Attwood and Blake Dyer have 20 years experience together providing Tours Internationally and guiding others to beautiful experiences.

Tour Location

BriBri Tribe The Bribri social structure is organised in Clans. Each clan is composed of an extended family. The matrilineal clan system leads to the result that a child's clan is determined by the clan his or her mother belongs to. This fact already points out the critical role of women in the BriBri society as it is only allowed to them to inherit land and prepare the sacred cacao (Theobroma cacao) drink that is essential for their rituals. Men's roles are defined by their clan. Examples of these roles are the "awa" or shaman, and the "oko", the mortician. Marriage is an informal event as well as the conquest of man towards women. Unions are by common agreement. Further, the BriBri Culture is complete without political organisation. Cacique is the power and authority

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