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Join a Sami Family, experiencing life with the Reindeer Herd in the beautiful Arctic Wonderland of Sapmi



5 days experiencing life with the Sami Tribe in the Spring during the Reindeer Calving Season. The Sami are indigenous to Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. They follow the Reindeer herds across the Arctic Plains. We will be helping with Sami daily life, making beautiful treks in the mountains of Northern Norway, learning Sami Culture and Life and Food.

This trip is about Connection. Connection with the Earth, Connection with it’s creatures, Connection with the Sami Tribe and Connection with Ourselves and Eachother as a group. You will be asked to set an intention for this trip. What are you struggling with your life that you are seeking answers to? Through synchronicity and this journey we will seek those answers. The answers may come from a relationship exercise we take part in, some different perspective that the Sami have on the world, or simply through the silence and stillness of the wilderness itself.

This is the true heartbeat of the North and experiencing beautiful Sami Culture.

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  1. site-admin

    This experience has totally left me speechless…
    The sacredness and intention behind this trip felt so pure and real…It was hard to believe that it was the first ever organised trip of Scared/Sunny Side Tourism!!! BEST One for me so far.. I usually travel solo and go with the flow with bare minimum planning but this time decided to try out this organised experience for once and was not disappointed at all!

    Spending time with Siri Marie (Sami Family) and her kids along with 4 people from different cultures including a Sami Shaman. Sharing songs and gifts with the family. Sami Traditional way of living around the force of nature for 5 whole days in a Lavvu tent, Cooking Sami food..helping the Reindeer herding family build a fence,Feeding the Reindeers…Celebrating the Full moon energy with the such beautiful and connected souls that I just met..It was just pure magic!

    Cherry on the top was spending 3 nights in Senja Island, Norway. We took a flight from Lakselv to Tromso.. Drove for about 2 hours and then boarded a Ferry and Drove a bit more and arrived at a place that felt like it was out of a postcard.. No kidding.. We stayed in a beautiful AirBnB on the water..It was that time of the year where the Sun never sets…Truly a hidden gem.. Dramatic Peaks dropping into the sea, Jumping into the bone-chilling waters, Fire wood Saunas, Sharing meals together, Sea Kayaking…I can’t wait to experience Magnolia with Sunny Side Expeditions in September.

    Highly Highly Recommended to anyone who is looking for a not a basic travel experience but to experience a deeper connection with the people from the nation, land and culture!

    P.S Joik Nordic Music stole my heart.
    – Pallavi

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